Saturday, September 20, 2008

..."some pig."

Whenever I see a spider web, I think of Charlotte's Web. I read it over and over again, well into my teen years, until the pages were worn from turning. I remember Fern saving Wilbur from a runt's fate, of her brother Avery and his love of frogs, how Fern's father let her raise Wilbur for that one important summer, the Zukerman's, and of course, Templeton the rat.
A great villain in a young child's eye but who in the end, really did save the day.
But most of all
I remember Charlotte and her unfailing friendship with Wilbur.

How in his hours of need her simple words,"some pig", "terrific", "radiant", and "humble", saved his life.

It reminds me as an adult that it is often when we stop to notice the simple things in life that great things are accomplished.


Marilyn Radzat said...

You're a natural at this, Pat!
I love your blogging're writing is wonderful and your photographs are amazing!
Thank you for sharing yourself with the world.

linda perme said...

i have to agree w/ marilyn.. i've only gotten this far and already i'm hooked.. i will return to your blog often and eagerly..
good job!!


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