Monday, June 21, 2010

...a explanation (sort of).

Wow, 2 months with nothing to say. I sit here now, looking a blank page, trying to find a photo appropriate for this post, and an explanation for being away so long. No excuses really...I guess I just didn't feel "it". What is "it" you ask? Oh, I guess you could say creative, or inspired, or moved. About anything really. I suppose some call it being in a funk. I told myself that no one will notice if I don't post for a day, or the week, or even the month. Sure, things happened that I could have written about. I was rear ended in a car accident, and am still recovering from whiplash (Oh how I hate the over used word that really doesn't do the experience justice). I turned 50. Spent the day in a limo headed for the wine country with great friends. Pretty big milestone...could have written about that. Celebrated a few milestone birthdays of those close to me...60,85,90! All with photos of the big events...could have written about that. But I just couldn't really get myself to sit down and share. All the while I would get e-mail updates showing how many visitors stopped by. Amazing! People were reading even though I wasn't writing. Well, thank you to all those who visited in my absence. And to those of you reading this...I'm back. New photos, new projects, and a renewed sense of creativity. So to get back to the photo...I'm poking my head back out into the blog world with a vengeance and flying out the door of my creative funk!


As Seen Through My Eyes.... said...

I missed you and wondered where you are part of my world...even when you take a break.
I've missed you words, thoughts and photos. And now here you are again...

Chatelaine said...

Sorry about your accident. They are so scary. Glad you are recovering.

Sometimes I feel that way, nothing to say so why bother? Sometimes I have lots to say but don't have the energy to put it all together in a post.

Anyway, glad you are back and happy belated birthday.


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