Sunday, February 8, 2009

...camellias, roses, and a heartfelt thank you.

Wow, it seems like forever since I've sat down and posted anything...three weeks really, but it seems much longer.It's great to be back in the land of blog!
Thought I would start Feb. out with a surprise in my garden. We've had such warm weather for the month of Jan. that my roses have been tricked into thinking it's spring. I went out to explore before the rain started this morning and came across the most beautiful blush of pink, and right next to that my camellia tree in full bloom. What a wonderful treat under today's grey and gloomy sky's.
I also want to thank everyone who took the time to find the perfect card, sent the most heartfelt e-mails, and just lent me their ear or shoulder in the last few weeks. It means the world to me to have such special people in my life.
I found a beautiful quote by one of my favorite people and used it in my father's memorial card. I try and remember this now in all aspects of my life even if it's just to stop and remember an unexpected rose on a rainy day.
"What we have once enjoyed, we can never lose. All that we love deeply, becomes a part of us" - Helen Keller 1880-1968


As Seen Through My Eyes.... said...

hello, sweet pat. I'm happy to see you back here.
What a lovely post...I feel your spring beginning.
Around you and within you.

vipshe said...

Hey Ms. Pat,
The sentimental me thinks the rose is a gift of love from a father to his beautiful daughter. Let's see what he can do with the rest of the back yard!(smile)

Simply Flowers said...

Your flower photos are gorgeous. Your father sounds like a wonderful person. Keep up the good work on your blog!


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