Monday, February 23, 2009

...raindrops on roses.

Once of the best places to be after the rain is in a garden. Just to breath deep and smell the fresh bouquet of the earth is so grounding after the hectic responsibilities of day to day life. Being able to capture this through the eyes of a camera opens up an even a larger world. Through the lens you are challenged to notice things that would otherwise pass you by at a swift glance. Peer into the raindrop on the first photo and you can see the back door into my house. Natures microscope. If you let your imagination soar it could be the beginning of a great children' s fairy tale.
Perhaps sitting amongst nature is the way the richest tales are born.


KayEllen said...

Such pretty rosebuds and love the droplet of water ;-)

Have a wonderful week!!
See you on flickr.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos, Pat ... especially the first one with that droplet of water just about to fall! I can't wait for spring so I can get out to my garden ... roses however are a long ways off yet! Thanks for letting me enjoy yours.


vipshe said...

God such pressure! I know you know I'm here. Wait, look in the droplet. It's me coming in the back door!
Not a peep out of the guard dog. I'm in - and I am going to take that magic camera. Beautiful photos Ms. Pat!

As Seen Through My Eyes.... said...

Wow!! What fabulous photographs!
So many talents you possess, my friend. :)

Creative Vignettes said...

Your rose photos are marvelous! All of my roses get cut back in January, so they're just about ready to pop in the next few weeks. Lovely work!


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