Tuesday, March 17, 2009

...the signs of spring.

Remember those movies we saw in school, the ones in Botany class that were filmed in fast frame to show us how things grow. Well, right about now when I walk through my garden, I feel like I'm watching one of those movies. It's amazing how fast things grow this time of year. One day just the bud of a hydrangea, smaller than my pinkie nail, a few days later leaves an inch and a bit long. I few more months and the yard will be brimming with color and pageantry. What a show Mother Nature is, and it's free for all who want to watch...she doesn't even make us buy a ticket!


KayEllen said...

Really pretty garden pictures you shared ;-)

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Pat you are right....Always a balancing act with posting...Early morning or late a night!

My eyes were very heavy with my last post! lol

Have a great spring week;-)


Creative Vignettes said...

Isn't it like Christmas? Waiting for my roses to bloom fills me with excitement and anticipation. Your flower shots are just fabulous!

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