Sunday, June 14, 2009 return from a break.

Mother's Day in the garden. My birthday cake.
Birthday bouquet, peony's and tulips. Greg.
Lexie in the meadow. My nephew Daniel.

Wow! It's amazing how fast time fly's. It wasn't intentional, I didn't plan it, and most of all didn't realize how long it would be, but I took a break. So much has gone on in since my last post... I celebrated my 49th birthday (yes the last year of my 40's), had a Mother's Day lunch in my garden; At Mom's request, had a wonderful Indian dinner for her Birthday; Greg, my friend/brother/partner in crime has returned from his home in Panama and is now staying with me. I have worked on a couple of custom card projects for clients, and watched my youngest nephew graduate from High School (where did the years go?) I cleared my head (which needs a lot of clearing these days) on the trails and meadows with my dog Lexie. She tends to benefit from my de-stressing aids. Somehow a dog in full motion in an open field tends to relax the human mind. Thank you to those who e-mailed and asked about my whereabouts and if all was OK.
It's so warming to know that there are those out there who care.
I'm back, all is good, and will post often.

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