Sunday, June 21, 2009

...a quiet breakdown.

It was inevitable. Bound to happen sooner or later. All the signs were there. Late nights talking to friends, too much shopping, searching for information he just had to have, hardly ever taking a break, rarely sleeping. He'd gone for a whole year without a cough or a sniffle. Holding my memories for me, keeping my secret passwords. He had such a photographic mind, he could bring up visions for me long forgotten and would help me to open up that creative place no one else could reach. I hope it's not serious. "Just exploratory", they said when I signed his entrance papers. They would call me if they had to open him up to have a closer look. It was harder than I'd thought, leaving him. Just a week they thought. I week would seem like a year without him. I lingered for awhile, tempted to take him back home, denying that there was anything wrong. After all, he is my voice. Oh sure, his friend "Dell" is letting me speak through him, but it's just not the same...I miss my MAC.


As Seen Through My Eyes.... said...

Pat, you really have an incredible gift for writing...for using just the right words. Did you always know that you had this talent or has it surfaced through your blogging? And also your photography is always exactly on point to the content of your essay.
I just love reading your blog.

RobinfromCA said...

Oh, I know how you feel. My poor little MacBook Pro slid off my lap when I had to save Chloe from a fall. The corner of the coffee table poked right into the LCD screen and made a big boo boo. The Genius Bar said $1,300! Ouch! But, Mr. Genius (with a sly wink and wordless nod let us know about a place on-line where we can get it done for $400.) But I have to send my baby to Texas. It will be gone for three whole days. I haven't been able to get over the separation anxiety yet so the boo boo is getting worse. Tell me how you did it!

Anonymous said...

i miss my mac too! big mac! two all beef patties, special sauce...
i grew up in del city, it ain't so bad. the band aid on the apple, oh, so clever.


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