Monday, August 31, 2009

...the Farmer's Market (part two).

Fruit! Juicy, succulent, sweet, and full of sunshine. Always best in it's natural state, fresh picked and full of summer...however, as I walk past the baskets of peaches and pears, I can't help but think of pie...or a carmel pear tart... or maybe a blueberry crumble, hot from the oven, crisp on the edges from burnt sugar and butter! Can't forget fresh homemade strawberry shortcake, topped with warm sugared cream! Oh my!
What is your favorite?


Gene said...

Lovely pictures. Food can be so beautiful. Which farmer's market was this at?

RobinfromCA said...

It all sounds good to me! I am a sucker for anything with peaches though. Peaches with a little sugar, peach ice cream, peach pie, peach cobbler, peach Italian soda - well, you get the idea. I had some white peach gelato in Florence one time that was almost a religious experience! I wanted to just put my face in the bowl but, decorum and a desire not to embarrass my country won out.

Chatelaine said...

My favorite has to be apple crisp and when I'm feeling adventurous I throw in a cup full of cranberries. The sweetness of the apples combines with the tart cranberries and it really makes a simple delicious dessert.

lucy said...

start thinking pecans and chocolate, thanksgiving is right around the corner!

Are you prepared!


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