Sunday, January 24, 2010

...lulalina on Etsy!

I did it!! I designed, stamped, glittered, and jeweled my way into Etsy! It's been a long road to get this far, but after months (more that I can admit) of pushing, and nudging, and well sometime downright nagging, by my most wonderful and most supportive friend Ms. Coleen I am. It's a small start but it comes with grand ideas and direction.
Just click on the photo above to stop by and take a look.

Speaking of the female dog whisperer (my tag for Ms. Coleen), stop by and visit her new
web-site. It's another project I've been working on. My first out of the gate try at a real dot com site.
Next is the mean time, I'm off to conquering the world
one card at a time.


Anonymous said...

finally! congratulations! they look great. if you can get enough perhaps i can get the owners of tuscan loggia to carry your line.
be well.

vipshe said...

What a fantasic job! Your cards are beautiful. Now that you're off and running, don't forget, I knew you when.....

vipshe said...

I'm dizzy! I went from the facebook to the web page to the blog back to the web page I'm on my way to etsy...


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