Monday, February 22, 2010

..the No Guilt (Cook) book club does "The Fig".

Hard to believe a month has gone by since we sat down and indulged with Miss Julie Child, but here we are sitting down to another afternoon of "please pass the cream and butter". This month was my pick, and I choose Sondra Bernsteins' labor of love...The Girl and the Fig. I was asked why this particular cookbook? The answer was simple... ever since a dear friend introduced me to Sondra's Sonoma restaurant of the same name, I was hooked. I had first tried her Pearl Couscous and French Olives at the Annual Sonoma Olive Festival, and as I do with all dishes that I love, I tried to figure out how to recreate it at home. On a whim I sent off an email asking if she would divulge her recipe(pre-cookbook). Never expecting to hear back, what a surprise it was the next day to find it in my inbox. What graciousness! I have since, over the years, spent many a special occasion in this gem of a wine country bistro, have never been disappointed, and have re-created at home some of my favorites from the pages of her cookbook with a gastronomic passion.
It is with that passion that we all sat down to:

Cauliflower & Gruyere Soup

Endive Salad with Pears and Blue Cheese and Pomegranate Vinaigrette

Grilled Salmon with Lavender Beurre Rouge

Apple-Yam Gratin (I'm eating the leftovers as I type this)
Vanilla Ice Cream with Wildflower Honey and Biscotti

We managed, once again to create an amazing afternoon feast with little consultation. It really is a wonderful way to try new dishes and compare notes. We left the table filled with butter, cream, and wine, promising in the spring to break bread at the actual the girl and the Fig restaurant.
I love field trips!
Next month we will be stirring our way through the pages of the Barefoot I see a trip to the Hamptons in store?


vipshe said...

Who knew lavender and salmon could be so heavenly... and cauliflower soup? I would have never touched the stuff but I have seen the light! Thank you for the introduction to "The Girl and the Fig".

fig girl said...

WOW! what a nice way to start my day! I am so glad that you enjoyed the recipes and the food was yummy. We are working on our 2nd book, though at least a year out, but maybe I can contact your club for some recipe testing in a few months.
In the meantime let me know when you are coming to Sonoma.
All the best and gratefully yours!


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