Tuesday, December 2, 2008

...deck the halls.

Here we go! The beginning of the decorating frenzy! I started taking the boxes up from the garage last night and what a treat it is as I open each one. Even thought it's been only a year since I gingerly packed everything up, I sometime truly forget all the Christmas treasures that I have. This is part of my Shiny Brite collection. It started with 6 ornaments from my childhood and after a few days on eBay, and I won't divulge how many Pay Pal transactions later, I now have...well...let's say enough to bring back a deluge of childhood memories. After all, no matter how old we become, Christmas really does bring out the child in us all.

1 comment:

KayEllen said...

Pretty Pat:)
I should be a sleep...I had coffee tooooo late!

Wonderful photo:)

Smiles from a Christmas elf,



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