Saturday, September 26, 2009

...a "Pat's eye view".

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For the first weekend in a long while, I woke up with absolutely nothing on the agenda. How glorious! Wandered out to the back yard with coffee and camera in hand, sat in my favorite chair, breathed deep, and took in the morning. Today is promising to be a hot one, the tail end of our Indian Summer. I'm not one for any day above 78, and this one should be building to the 90's. So with that in mind I settled in to enjoy the cool beginnings of the day. Daydreaming about the pumpkins and falling leaves to come, I picked up my camera and took some last summer shots of the garden. I decided to shoot
only what I could see from my chair. A "Pat's eye view".
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


Chatelaine said...

Cool idea and great shots. I think I am most comfortable when the temperature is in the 60's. Yay, Fall is here.

BailiwickDesigns said...

Has the weather turned yet where you are? It certainly has here - we're waking up to temps in the low 40s. Quite a change from just a week ago when it was around 100! I'm so glad for it! ::Jill


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