Tuesday, September 22, 2009

...the first day of fall.

Fall has to be without a doubt, hands down, my favorite time of year. As the summer hangs on to all that she can, calling in her cousin "Indian Summer" to linger a bit longer, I can still detect through her heat, the unmistakable scent of fall. Pristine blue skies, billowy white clouds, and crisp breezes will soon fill the air. Right around the corner will be all the colors of her season...orange, yellow, red, brown and the subtle shades in between. Pumpkins will grace front porches sharing space with the odd scarecrow, spider-web, and black cat. All in the efforts to treat or scare away the little goblins of Halloween. Chrysanthemums will pop up where bright summer annuals used to be and wreaths of autumn leaves will hang on front doors to greet the friends and family we are blessed to share our tables with on Thanksgiving.
It is truly a season as rich as the colors it wears.


BailiwickDesigns said...

I love your blog, Pat! You've said it so well in this post. I also love autumn, and can hardly wait for this hot weather to end so we can move into fall. ::Jill

Anonymous said...

You're a gifted writer, Pat! The word pictures you paint are every bit as vivid as your lovely photos. I love your blog! :-) Sue ....aka Backdoor_Buttercups

Cindy said...

Beautiful picture and words! I was a couple of years behind you (the same year as your brother Dennis) at CdM and saw your O.C list over on FB. It is a brilliant list and brought back many of my favorite Newport memories. It's all changed so much down there now. I'm also a fellow blogger, right next door in Berkeley. Cindy Fulton


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