Tuesday, December 7, 2010

...butter, and flour, and sugar...oh my!

...three days and counting, and it's all about baking. For all the years I have mixed, whipped, kneaded, and folded, I am always amazed at what these 3 simple ingredients can transform into. For me baking is more that just the sum of it's actions. If your patient, and can follow directions, almost anyone can bake. It's a kind of chemistry. Measure the ingredients carefully, mix together, bake and a magical transformation occurs. I believe though, it's more than that. It's more about the items you don't find in any recipe. I cup of caring, a pinch of love, a teaspoon of self. And a bit of chocolate never hurts. A lot of myself goes into what I bake and hopefully into the hearts of the recipients of my labor. The next couple of days are about the treasure boxes of love and care that will be my Christmas gifts to those I love.
And of course I'll be sure to take out all the calories!

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