Friday, December 17, 2010 lulalina.

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It's hard to believe, but after countless months (and months) of designing, redesigning, screaming at the computer, injections of caffeine, a few cocktails, and a definite self diagnosis of compulsive obsessive disorder and adult ADD...Lulalina is finally launched. It happened last night with just a whisper and the click of a button. I don't know what I expected...balloons dropping from the ceiling, confetti, perhaps the popping of champagne? Oh, but there goes my fantasy life real life it was just me staring at the computer screen a bit choked up and definitely overwhelmed. This was the biggest DIY project I had ever taken on and I still can't believe I actually did it!
A HUGE thank you goes out to all those who had to live through all the madness and were there EVERY step of the way. I am constantly thankful for all the amazing design minded people in my life, whose opinions I value more than I let them know.
Of of the biggest thank you's goes out to
Patricia van Essche, PVE Design. It is she, who with just an e-mail and a few phone calls, created the design and logo for Lulalina. It continues to amaze me each time I look at her illustration, how she captured the exact essence of what I wanted to portray. She is truly an amazing artist and there will be more about her and her work in an upcoming post.
For now, I am feeling a great release for finishing a task I wasn't sure I could tackle and for sending it out onto the world wide web.
Here is a holiday toast to the birth of Lulalina!

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pve design said...

Thrilled for you! I would love to announce your site on my blog with a giveaway- let me know!
Wishing you tons of goodness.


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